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  • Where can I find your products?
    A Own Garden Plaza Tenanitla, San Ángel CDMX (Saturdays only) Incendiaries Marsella 60, Juárez CDMX Serhena Masaryk 360 local 10, Polanco CDMX
  • Do you do wholesale?
    Yes we do wholesale. If you would like to sell our products, we have the option of selling by commission or selling the product wholesale. We also have the wholesale price option for special events. Get in touch through to discuss options that fit your what you imagine
  • What care should I have with my piece?
    By dehydrating the flowers we manage to preserve their shape and color for much longer, but it is still organic matter that continues a slow process, so you may notice some changes over time. For decoration: we recommend not placing it in places where the sun shines directly, as this degrades the colors more quickly. For jewelry: we recommend avoiding contact with water, shampoo and lotions.
  • What kind of shipments do you do?
    We make shipments by Redpack parcel to all of Mexico and it has a cost of $120. It takes 3-5 days. For shipments in CDMX it is possible to make shipments with Rauda Bicimensajería for a cost of $65. Shipments are made on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They are only carried out in easily accessible areas.
  • What is the delivery time for an order made online?
    From 3 to 5 days.
  • What is the delivery time for a custom order?
    20 business days.
  • What is the shipping time for order with special drying?
    30 business days.
  • Can I pick up my order at a physical location?
    Yes, we have a physical store in the Saturday Baazar in San Ángel. This bazaar is located in Plaza Tenanitla, San Ángel CDMX. Important: We only open on Saturdays from 11-17 hrs.
  • Can I make a custom order with my favorite flowers?
    Yes! They can be with the flowers that we have in our Herbarium, take a look at our featured story Herbarium. Request it through or in our < a href="" target="_blank">instagram.
  • Can I place an order with flowers that are not available?
    If there is a possibility of getting the flowers you want, we can dry them for you with an extra charge of $100 for Special Drying service. Consider that drying takes approx. 30 days.
  • Can I order flowers that I dried myself?
    Of course! You can bring them to our workshop. First it is important to see how the flowers were dried and if it is possible to encapsulate them. Send us an email to or a message to our instagram with a photo of your flowers and where you tell us what you would like. so that we can give you some tips for its conservation
  • Special orders for wedding bouquets, XV's, etc.
    We love creating gardens of unforgettable moments. You can the flowers of your event in our store or our workshop. Depending on the amount of flowers, the cost will be (small bouquets $200, large bouquets $400). Deliver maximum 2 or 3 days after being used, during these days keep in a vase with an aspirin in the water for less color preservation. Only applies to CDMX.
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